Empowering Machine-Human Emotional Synergy

Our solution

BrainVu uses a non-invasive and remote smartphone/AR/VR camera to extract physiological bio-markers that indicate changes in brain activities and deduce human mental responses including: processing Cognitive Load, Stress Level and Emotional Engagement. The calculated human states are then correlated to events and used to  connect to a multitude of platforms  to provide human machine emotional interaction.



VR/AR Experiences

Use VR/AR experiences for high consumer engagement & an immersive real life environment.


Real Time Analysis

Real time analysis of physiological bio-markers into simple and meaningful emotional insights.


Dynamic Reporting

Dynamic reporting tool provides emotional responses & in-depth understanding of each consumer and event.

" 90% of our decisions are made on emotional basis;
the other 10% are our rational minds used to Justify these decisions. "

William Douglas U.S Supreme Court


Capture of Phsyiological  Bio Markers

BrainVu’s ground breaking AI-powered platform is a cloud based service that  analyzes a spectrum of unique eye measurements to identify changes in alertness, attention and mental effort.

BrainVu’s technology is based on patents and know-how developed  in the Virtual Reality and Neurocognition Lab founded founded and directed by Prof. Miriam Reiner in the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.


Brain research based Algorithm for Mental Analysis’

By correlating the participants mental responses to a specific event in time, action or  gaze-position, BrainVu identifies the cause for changes in mental state.


Real Time Emotional Representation

By combining the indices developed together with additional bio markers such as HRV, Gaze, facial coding and response time  BrainVu  created the BrainVu Sentiment Index. It gauges both tendency towards a specific product/touch point as well as the engagement (stress excitement, mental load) of the consumer during the research experience.


The Sentiment index provides marketeers decisive feedback on how the product was received by the consumer. The index is based on BrainVu’s Sentiment and NCS (Neuro-Cognitive- Survey) indexes as well as additional biomarkers and provides the following markers per event in the system.

For Markeeters and Researchers

BrainVu enables researchers and marketeers access to new insights about how consumers feel about your product:


What initially attracts attention (pricing, feature comparison, interactive elements, photos, etc.)


What sustains users' attention


What increases stress


Consumer’s emotional attitude


What relaxes people


Moment-by- moment emotional state during the experience


Your consumer's tendency toward the product


How users feel at various parts of the shopping experience

Virtual reality

Make the vision of your retailers’ environment come to life

By creating engaging and stimulating experiences and questionnaires that are connected to BrainVu’s Sentiment Platform marketers can understand their consumers true sentiment, mental load and stress while saving the hassle and time-consuming task of creating a real-life experience for their research.

Bio Markers

Brainvu provides a full scale simulation for participants to test products and responses in the right context –  participants can walk around, pick up a product, drive and answer survey questions all in a  fully immersive retail setting.

Bio Markers

About us

BrainVu developed an AI powered platform based on patents and know-how developed in the Virtual Reality and Neurocognition Lab in the Technion. Shay Hillel CEO, Prof. Miriam Reiner CSO and CTO Zeev Hadar founded BrainVu in 2016. We have a strong team with a mix of academia, business, and software professionals all with a proven track record. We pride ourselves with our ability to prove Cicero got it right -” the Eyes are a mirror to the Soul”.


Year of BrainVu Foundation

3rd Place

(Out of 200) in Ernest & Young 2017 PITCH prestige competition

Nielsen Innovate

invested in BrainVu as well as additional renowned private investors

Meet our Founders


Shay Hilel

Senior Executive and business manager focusing on SW technology. Previously worked as the GM of Nantworks Israel.


Miraim Reiner (Prof.)

Head of the Virtual Reality and NeuroCognition lab at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. Associate Professor at the Technion and visiting Professor in Stanford CA.


Zeev Hadar

Technology lead focusing on SW & HW product with vast experience in the Medical, Security and Consumer domains.

Customer Success

“I have had the pleasure of collaborating with BrainVu in examining how the consumption environment of food affects the acceptance and likability of products. BrainVu provided both the technology environment to perform the Virtual reality research as well as their unique technology that measures the emotional response of the participants to the various products. I was pleasantly surprised by their ability to provide real actionable insights on the participants sentiment as well as their agile approach and willingness to solve problems on the run in a research domain that is still a greenfield. Both the money and time I spent working with BrainVu was very well spent”

Keren Corley

Managing Director | New Sense Research Nielsen Alliance

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